Access To A Wide Range of Capital Sources

Since 1994 our team has made it a priority to become very well connected with a variety of lenders. Our business is built around maintaining these strong relationships, and we have the knowledge and resources to consult you on the best fitting program to match the needs of your property or portfolio. With lender requirements tightening and quickly evolving, interest rates changing and market fluctuations, we have access to lenders with the most competitive rates and favorable terms to reach your goals.

Proven Results For Clients

It could be your first apartment complex or your fiftieth mobile home park, you will still need a firm with the experience, relationships, and creativity to ensure success. That, and more, is what makes Charter Capital Group the right choice.

For the over 25 years we have been cultivating relationships with lenders, property owners, investors and developers in order to best serve our clients. Charter Capital Group has originated loans for every type of commercial property and every type of borrower. We have earned the trust and loyalty of hundreds of owners and investors over the years by helping them tackle complex financing problems, maximize their returns and continue to build their portfolios. From borrower problems to property level issues, we have found the means to funding for our clients. We provide guidance for owners and investors just starting out as well as consulting for seasoned landlords. Our clients recognize and appreciate our detail-oriented approach, market expertise, and deep commitment to personal service.

Experience Overcoming Lender Hurdles

Lender parameters and requirements are constantly in flux as the goals for their companies or funds evolve. As every property has its own set of unique complexities, it is critical to understand the details of how to underwrite your property to qualify for the best possible financing options and anticipate what obstacles or push-back the property or borrower will have from the lender. Having a team behind you with decades of experience overcoming lender challenges is truly invaluable.

Our People

Charter Capital Group is a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals to represent you from start to finish in the financing of your property. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the best financing available. We take pride in taking on a detailed and honest approach to you and your property. With an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, industry connections and strong relationships with a range of lenders, we are positioned to be the best possible advocate for our clients.

For contact information on any of our originators, analysts and/or support staff or inquiries for career opportunities, please contact Mark Coffman. Charter Capital Group is selectively looking for qualified candidates to support our growing platform.

The Inter-Capital Group is a strategic alliance of professional Commercial Mortgage Bankers and Brokers across the US providing quality origination and underwriting of commercial real estate loans to our lenders and investors nationwide. We provide the skills and capacity to source, underwrite, professionally package and close the full range of commercial real estate loans. Inter-Capital’s principals have closed over $20B in commercial and multifamily loans throughout the US.

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is the national association representing the entire real estate finance industry. We marshal balanced policy perspectives to ensure transparent, efficient markets that provide broad access to diverse capital sources and bring material benefits to borrowers and communities.

The California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA) has been the leading statewide advocate for the residential and commercial real estate finance industry, representing its members before all government and regulatory agencies for over 50 years. CMBA promotes fair and ethical lending practices through a wide range of educational programs, services and industry publications.