At Charter Capital Group, we’ve spent more than 25 years helping people like you make the most of a property. Securing a commercial property loan can be the growth you need in your portfolio; the catalyst for a successful real estate career; or the lucrative venture you’ve been eyeing for years. Charter Capital Group is here to help make your commercial property aspirations into a reality.

At Charter Capital Group, our clients partner with us to source, secure, and structure competitive commercial property loans for a wide range of property types, including:


We specialize in creative financing solutions and relationship building, so we have both the expertise and connections it takes to originate all types of loans. Whether you’re developing your 20th apartment complex or you’re just buying your first storage facility, our team can advise you, connect you to key lenders, and come up with creative financial solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Property Types

At Charter Capital Group, there’s no commercial property type or situation that’s too complex. Learn more today about the different property types you can consider for your next venture.